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Willy Mucha (1905 – 1995) (Polish/French)

“Across the Lake”

(From the Falenckis)

Mixed Media.  Signed

10 7/8” x 13 ½” (275mm x 343mm)

Overall framed size 20 5/8” x 23 ¼”

framed with ultra-violet filtering low reflect glass.                                   IMAGE            IMAGE


Willy Mucha was born in Warsaw in 1905 and studied at the Warsaw School of Fine Arts and continued his studies in Austria-Bohemia and then Russia and Germany.  After the death of his father in the early 1920s he left Poland for France where he enrolled in the University of Caen then on to Paris where he had a studio in Montparnasse and he became part of the School of Paris Art Movement.  His exhibitions took him to many parts of the world with particular successes in America where he also met many artists and poets.  In 1939 during the War he was mobilised into the Tank Corps and then settled in Collioure which he discovered in 1936  “on the road to the Spanish Civil War” with the Torcatis Network.  He was involved in the passage of anti-fascists through the Banyuls Pass. In 1943 he was threatened with denunciation and was sent to join the Maquis in Aveyron.  After the War he returned to Collioure where his work was inspired by the light and the infinite horizon.  From his meetings and many friendships with artists he created “The Gold Book” with contributions from 98 artists including Dufy, Chagall, Picasso, Dali, Miro, Man Ray, Duchamp etc.   He died in 1995 at the age of 89.

His work is held in the Musee National d’Art Moderne, Paris and he contributed to many international exhibitions including Salon de Mai, Salon des comparaisons, Salon des Artistes independants, Paris; Museu de Arte Moderna, Sao Paulo “Do Figuratismo-Ao Abstractinismo” 1949;  Art Gallery of Toronto, Canada “Contemporary art” 1949;  Royal Academy, London “The School of Paris 1900-1950” 1951;  Exhibition of Posters at Museum of Modern Art, New York;  Museum of Nantes, “Ecole de Paris” 1957; Tokyo, Japan “French Art” 1959; Chicago “Formit collection of Contemporary Art” 1961;  The School of Paris “Galerie Charpentier Paris”;  Palace of the Kings of Majorca, Perpignan 1986;  Galerie Odile Oms, Ceret 2005; Thomas Montsarrat & Clementine Combes, House of Catalanity, Willy Mucha Collioure 1940 – 1950, Perpignan 2016.

His work has also been exhibited in many private galleries throughout the world including:

Galerie Edouard Loeb, Galerie Greuze, Galerie Craven in Paris, Redfern gallery and O’Hana Gallery in London, Engelberts Gallery in Geneva, Gallery Seventy-Five, Barowil’s Gallery, Brentano’s in New York, L’Atelier gallery in Zurich, Stadia Graphic’s Gallery in Sidney, Prinzhorn Gallery in Vienna and  Syra Gallery in Barcelona.