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JACOB BORNFRIEND (1904 – 1976) (Czech)

“Fruit & Flowers”

Oil on Canvas.

20” x 16”  (508 x 406mm). Signed                                                                           IMAGE




Jacob Bornfriend was a painter in oil and tempera, mainly of landscape and still life.  He was born in Zborov, Czechoslovakia and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague under Willi Nowak.  All his early work was lost when he moved to England in 1939. He changed his name from Bauernfriend and spent four years working in factories before he could return to painting.  An expressionist, he was influenced to some extent by cubism.  In 1950 he has his first London solo exhibition at Roland, Browse and Delbanco.  He painted a large mural for the Jews' College, London in 1957 having done mural work in Czechoslovakia.  He also exhibited at in Prague, Gothenburg and Sweden.  Work by Jacob Bornfriend is in the permanent collection of the Modern Art Gallery, Prague; the National Museum of Moravia and Slovakia; the Gothenburg Museum, The Tate Gallery, Southampton City Art Gallery and several colleges at Oxford. His work has been reproduced in Studio, Contact, Review, 45, London; Zivot, Prague; Les Arts Plastiques, Brussels and Svenska Hem, Stockholm.  He lived in London.