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Thomas Nicholson Tyndale (1858 – 1936)

“An English Country House and Garden

Watercolour.  Signed

Picture size 12” x 8 ¾” (305mm x 222mm) Overall 20” x 16 1/8” (507mm x 411mm

Framed with low reflect ultra-violet filtering glass                                                                                                                    IMAGE



Painter in watercolour of cottages, landscapes and some Venice scenes.  He was the cousin of Walter Tyndale (1855 – 1943), the well known watercolour painter and illustrator.  Thomas Tyndale lived in Acton, West London and was a regular exhibitor with the Dudley Gallery Art Society at the Egyptian Hall in Piccadilly.  He also exhibited in the provinces, including at least nine works at the Royal West of England Academy (1903 – 1908).  The subjects were mostly Surrey and Sussex cottage scenes – “Cottage near Haslemere, Surrey” (1902) and “Near Horsham” (1907) are typical titles.  Thomas Tyndale also worked as an illustrator and painted 20 watercolours as illustrations for the book “Worcestershire” published by A & C Black in 1909.  Most of his watercolours were cottages and rural landscapes, but he also painted abroad in Bruges and Venice.  Thomas Tyndale later moved to Worthing and died there at the age of 78 on 15th December 1936.  The quality of the work and the popularity of the subject matter has made the cottage scenes, in particular, increasingly sought after by collectors.