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Alphonse Leon Quizet (1885 – 1955) (French)

Caulaincourt Belleville, Montmartre, Paris”

Soft Pencil.

6 ˝” x 8 1/8” (165mm x 207mm)

Overall framed size 14 3/8” x 15 5/8” (365mm x 395mm)

Provenance:  A sheet from one of the Artist’s early sketch books

framed with ultra-violet filtering low reflect glass.                                                           IMAGE          IMAGE



Alphonse Leon Quizet was born in Paris on 13th March 1885 and became an important member of the School of Montmartre.  This designation refers to a group of painters dwelling in the area of Montmartre, France in the early 20th Century rather than a specific school of painting.  The description connotes the camaraderie of this bohemian area of pre-war Paris and the spirit of friendship and artistic communion shared amongst these friends who gave a multiplicity of styles to the Modernist movement.  He exhibited at the Salons de la Nationale, the Salon des Independants and the Salon d’Automne. He is known for his pictures of the rustic suburbs of Paris. The titles of his pictures include Le Moulin de la Galette, Les Fortifications, La Quinguette. He liked to paint the Basilica and the Rue Andre del Sarte. There he met Utrillo, with whom he  stayed, and who considered Quizet to be his guide. He also became friendly with Leprin and Valtat.  In 1943 he executed five large decorative panels for the marriage rooms of the town hall of Pre-Saint-Gervais.  Work by Alphonse Quizet has been acquired for the Museums of Luxembourg,  Belfort,  Havre, Copenhagen and Philadelphia.  Quizet is Knight of the Legion d’honneur. He died at Pre-Saint-Gervais (Seine) in 1955.