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A SELECTION OF MY PAINTINGS – framed images are available on request


“Summer Evening, Sennen Cove, Cornwall”

Oil Painting on Canvas. 19 ¾” x 23 5/8” (500mm x 600mm).  Signed

Overall framed size 26” x 30” (660mm x 760mm)                                                                        IMAGE


“Breaking Waves Nr. Happisburg, Norfolk”

Oil Painting on Canvas. Signed

31 ½” x 39 3/8” (800mm x 1000mm)

Overall framed size 38 ½” x 46 ¼” (997mm x 1175mm)                                                             IMAGE




“Autumn Evening, Blounts Court Farm”

Oil Painting on Canvas. Signed

19 ¾” x 20 5/8” (500mm x 600mm)

Overall framed size 27” x 31” (686mm x 786mm)                                                                        IMAGE



“A Distant Galaxy”

Oil Painting on Board.  Signed with monogram

10 1/8” x 15” (257mm x 381mm).

Overall framed size 15 5/8” x 20 ½” (397mm x 520mm)                                                             IMAGE



“Evening, Whitstable”

Oil painting on canvas. Signed

19 ¾” x 23 5/8” (500mm x 600mm)

Overall framed size 27” x 30 7/8” (685mm x 785mm)                                                                  IMAGE


“Snow in the Meadow, Corfe Castle”

Oil Painting on Gesso Panel


17” x 21” (431mm x 533mm)          

Overall framed size 23 ¾” x 27 5/8”   (603mm x 702mm)                                                                                              IMAGE



“Towards Rye & Hastings from Camber Sands”

Oil painting on canvas. 23 5/8” x 28 ¾” (600mm x 730mm). Signed

Overall framed size 31” x 36 3/8” (787mm x 918mm)                                                                  IMAGE         



“Evening Camber Sands”

Oil Painting on Gesso Panel..

Signed with monogram     

4 1/2" x 6 1/2" (115mm x 165mm).

Overall framed size 13” x 15 5/8” (330mm x 397mm)                                                                  IMAGE



“Early Autumn Shiplake”

Oil Painting on Canvas. Signed 

19”  x 23 5/8”. (500mm x 600mm)                                                                                                   IMAGE



“Early Autumn Mists and Sunshine (Clayfield Copse)”

Oil painting on canvas. 15 ¾” x 19 ¾” ” (400mm x 500mm). Signed 

Overall framed size 23 3/8”  x 27 ¼”  (295mm x 692mm)                                                           IMAGE




Oil Painting on  Board

10 ½” x 19 ¾” (265mm x 501mm). 

Overall framed size 18 ½” x 27 7/8” (472mm x 710mm)

Signed.  Framed in an antique pine frame                                                                                   IMAGE



“Sunrise over the Lizard, Cornwall”

Oil Painting on Canvas.  Signed

23 5.8” x 28 ¾” (600mm x 730mm)

Overall framed size 31” x 36 3/8” (787mm x 918mm)                                                                  IMAGE



“Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset”

Oil Painting on Canvas. Signed.

19 3/8” x 23 3/8” (500mm x 600mm)

Overall framed size 26” x 30” (660mm x 760mm)                                                                        IMAGE




Oil Painting on Gesso Panel.  Signed with monogram

15” x 20 ¾” (380mm x 527mm).

Overall framed size 21 ½” x 27 ½” (546mm x 698mm)

(A new work reminiscent of some of the paintings I was producing in the 1960s)                         IMAGE         



“Mounts Bay from Cudden Point, Cornwall”

Oil Painting on Canvas. Signed

29 ½” x 39 3/8” (750mm x 1000mm)

Overall framed size 37” x 47” (940mm x 1200mm)                                                                      IMAGE








Barry Keene is a painter in oils.  He studied under Bill Edwards at the Berkshire College of Art in the early 1960s and has exhibited with the Royal Society of British Artists at the Henley Festival.  His work is to be found in private collections throughout Britain and abroad.


Barry first started working in the art world at the Reading Fine Art Gallery in 1963 with a five year apprenticeship,  under the Fine Arts Trade Guild,  as a picture framer where he was also taught picture cleaning and restoration, surrounded by pictures and learning about them from the inside whilst also studying painting and drawing at the Berkshire College of Art.


In 1971 he opened his own gallery which ran for 45 years, where he exhibited fine art from the 18th to the 21st century including his own paintings and work by many other contemporary artists.  He also worked as a master picture framer, picture restorer and artist, supplying paintings and framing to museums and art galleries, artists and private clients.  The gallery and workshops were in Henley-on-Thames, originally at Queens Hall and later, from 1984 to 2016, at Thameside overlooking the river.  In 2016 he sold the gallery to spend more time painting though he continues to deal quietly in Paintings, Watercolours and Prints of all periods, working from his studio at home near Reading and also from a storage unit.


Viewing can be arranged by appointment

He can be contacted by email at barry@barrykeenefineart.co.uk