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DAVID COX Jnr. A.O.W.S. (1809 – 1885)

“Snowdonia (Wales”


Picture size 9 ˝” x 15 3/8” (240mm x 391mm)

Overall 18 1/8” x 23 ˝” (460mm x 596mm)

Framed with Ultra violet filtering low reflect glass                                                        IMAGE                      IMAGE



David Cox Junior was born at Dulwich in 1809, the son of David Cox Snr. O.W.S. (1783 – 1859). .  His choice of career was largely pre-destined, although he may have spent a brief time in the Navy, and he accompanied his father on many sketching tours, including the visit to Belgium and Holland in 1826.


He first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1827, thereafter helping his father in the teaching practice until 1841, when he took over the business.  He was elected Associate of the New Watercolour Society in 1841 and full Member in 1845 but resigned in 1846.  In 1848 he became an Associate Member of the Old Watercolour Society, where he exhibited 579 works. He also exhibited at the Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, the Royal Watercolour Society, the Royal Academy, and the Suffolk Street Galleries.


Like his father, he drew much inspiration from North Wales; other subjects were taken from Scotland, the Lakes, the Home Counties and Devon, and there is evidence of a visit to Grenoble in about 1853 and Switzerland in 1869.  He lived at Chester House, Mount Ephraim Road, Streatham, London in 1880.


Examples of work by David Cox Junior are in the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Ashmolean Museum, Coventry Museum, Greenwich, Hove Library and Portsmouth City Museum.