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John Boydell (1720 – 1804)


Cooper Plate Engraving

Engraved by John Boydell after a painting by Charles Brooking (1723 – 1759)

From Boydell’s “100 Views” No. 65

Published by Boydell 1755                                                                                                                          IMAGE



JOHN BOYDELL (1720 – 1804)

John Boydell was an artist, engraver and publisher.  He promoted the interests of other artists and engravers and by his efforts was responsible for altering the imbalance of the trade in engravings between Britain and France, and initiated a British tradition in engraving.  He became a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1773 and was awarded the Royal Academy Gold Medal for his services in advancing the print trade.  In 1790 he became Lord Mayor of London.  For an extensive biography of this highly influential man in the world of British Art, see Wikepedia (an interesting read). 


CHARLES BROOKING (1723 – 1759)

Charles Brooking was a forerunner of the great 19th Century Marine Painters.  Some authorities consider him to have been one of the finest marine artists, equally adept at calm or rough seas.  In his early years he was evidently employed in some capacity at Deptford Dock Yard and he had an intimate knowledge of the ships he painted.