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STUART HERD (born 1971)

“Summer Dusk, Henley on Thames”

Acrylic on Canvas. 20cm x 20cm. Signed                                                            IMAGE




Stuart Herd was born in Scotland in 1971 and after growing up in England where he attended Amersham College of Art, he started a career in photography whilst regularly travelling north to explore and capture the landscapes.  His photographic career was varied from studio and commercial photography to press and lab work around the UK.  During this time his love of travel was born and he combined this by working as a photographer on board cruise ships as well as making independent solo trips worldwide.  In the mid 1990s he returned to Scotland and whilst living in Edinburgh he started producing highly detailed pen and ink cityscapes and scenes.  Galleries started showing his work and his art career took over.  At this time he also started his Stadium portfolio, which now showcases over 40 sporting arenas across Europe. After working as an art auctioneer for a year in all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica he stayed on the island for another two years earning a living painting, drawing and framing.  He received acclaim from the public and critics alike for his pen and ink exhibitions on the island.  Looking for a new direction, in 2002 he again returned to Scotland where his painting took precedence.  He started exhibiting in Argyll Galleries whilst working as a picture framer, but within a few years he was working full time on his paintings.  In 2007 he opened The Art Studio as, due to his growing popularity, he felt he needed an outlet for people to meet him and view his work.  This enabled him to combine his picture framing business on this site.  Since opening, his work has become increasingly sought after by buyers worldwide.  He now exhibits in many galleries throughout the UK and has had numerous exhibitions across Scotland,  He also undertakes commissions of various sizes for private and corporate clients.